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Winter of pregnancy accurate mom wants ” 3 fill “

2016-11-11 16:50:52

Blood of the shade after major female is pregnant slants empty, heat up inside heavier, if cross much edible sex the food of lukewarm, big heat, easy ” fire is added on fire ” , serious person can appear the symptom that sees threatened abortion and the premature delivery such as red, bellyacke.

Constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability eats the food with hot Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood more: If often appear buccal bazoo is dry, complexion crimson, brothers heart is hot, pee yellow bare, the circumstance with dry defecate, belong to deficiency of yin with irritability basically to heat up sexual constitution, answer to choose the food with hot Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood more,

Constitution of cold sex of deficiency of yang eats lukewarm sex food more: If feel limbs Wei,Qing Dynasty of cold, pee grows, complexion is hoar, belong to constitution of cold sex of deficiency of yang possibly, can complement appropriately beef, hotpot, chicken, ricefield eel, hairtail, big jujube, Chinese chestnut, hotbed chives, garlic bolt is isothermal sexual food.

Special remind pregnant mom: Ginseng, royal jelly is unfavorable edible. Additional, pink of royal jelly freeze-dry a kind of tonic, pregnant woman is unfavorable also take, because female sex hormone is contained inside royal jelly, may cause fetal sexual precocity.

Sunlight is entered fill cannot little

Chang Shaidong is in relief, can reduce the risk of pregnant woman osteoporosis, decrease rachitic occurence rate. North grows as a result of winter, sunshine is insufficient, because this children is congenital rachitic incidence of a disease is very high. Nowadays, this disease also has the tendency that look up in south, what basically recognizant difference causes this. Accordingly, pregnant mom should bask more in winter, the dehydrogenation cholesterol in skin of stimulative human body turns a vitamin into D3, in be being sucked easily to get blood by human body, assure the normal growth of fetal skeleton and tooth embryo. Chang Shaitai this world can enhance the strength of pregnant woman, prevent all sorts of infection. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine has exterminate the action with microbial cause of disease. Often bask to still be helpful for preventing pregnant woman mood to fluctuate in the winter, put an end to winter the happening of depressed disease.

Vegetables and fruits is entered fill to eat more ” olive “

Folic acid is vitamin of a kind of water-solubility, in winter, pregnant is inchoate and special want those who notice folic acid to absorb.

The method with additional best folic acid is edible green vegetable and acidity fruit. Pregnant mom winter must the olive vegetable with fresh edible and fruit, wait like spinach, cole, carrot, orange, everyday gross should achieve 500 grams above, with assuring folic acid absorb adequately.

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