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Did pregnancy have stone to return filling calcium?

2016-10-21 11:18:14

Had stone or can fill calcic. If stone of the generation inside calcium and body filling to be compared relatively when be pregnant, it is more important that when still be pregnant, calcium fills. The reason depends on calcium is darling skeleton grows development must some material, darling is OK in a steady stream ceaselessly from mom absorb inside body, if itself is accurate calcic intake of mom is insufficient, so darling again from mom after be being absorbed inside body, can cause accurate mom more be short of calcium.

To accurate mom, choose calcic to filling food and drug usually, in correct filling calcium when undertake entering filling, normally for stone is to won’t become serious. Calculate the appearance that can have kidney angina later, also can have safe and effective processing technique so, reconditioning stone is OK after spending puerperium smoothly then after giving birth to darling.

Clew of occurrence what circumstance has stone

Even if calcium fills before what having a meal understanding inside daily life, but a few pregnant woman always can fear he grow stone, fear to have the appearance of gestation kidney angina. What symptom is to explain to perhaps have stone?

The first it is understanding distinction lumbago. When be pregnant, before be about to produce especially, because of the straining result of increscent darling, major accurate mom can have the case of lumbago, but this lumbago is not those lumbago. The lumbago that increscent uterus causes is faint pain, two side are symmetrical, smooth lie can have felt. But the lumbago of kidney angina is at a draught very intense lumbago, it is odd side normally, be fond of, delay, begin to ache again then, the likelihood still can have blood in the urine, calorific etc. If produced these symptoms, be about to arrive immediately inside the hospital go looking. The doctor can undertake exsanguinate, check make water, do B of superior grade, need not fear this kind of check checks darling is safety. The doctor can use safe and effective remedy, if the symptom does not alleviate,also did not concern, do not need anaesthesia, a small bracket valve is put inside ureter, alleviate with respect to what can have get effect instantly the effect. Say so, before be pregnant, want to check, discover kidney stone wants to handle, if appear,kidney angina also can have specific settlement method, can slow down is aching.

When to fill calcic won’t aggravating stone

Some pregnant woman had had the experience of gall-stone, kidney stone, do not have calculous accurate mom before having baby so, oppress because of increscent uterus after be pregnant ureter, make ureter peristalsis is decelerated, slow down of uric fluid velocity of flow, the calcic composition in uric fluid is easy also and deposit come down to form stone, cause generation of gestation kidney angina. The meeting after so major accurate mother worry compensatory calcium agent forms stone or aggravating stone is not entered easily so fill. So say, if had chosen the time of filling calcium, can solve this problem well.

Calcic agent should be normally in eat eat together with food, the advantage of such filling calcium depends on:

It is calcic agent must form ionic calcium to just can be absorbed by human body, but hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is the very good accelerant that makes calcic agent becomes ionic calcium. Begin to have a meal when pregnant woman when mastication, the stomach begins to secrete gastric juice, gastric juice is comprised by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, dose issueing calcium takes when have a meal in the middle of ” hydrochloric acid in gastric juice ” one’s heart’s desire, a lot of ionic calcium are absorbed very businesslikely by human body.

2 it is composition of kidney stone prevailing it is oxalic acid calcium, everybody can absorb oxalic acid more or less one day from inside food (contain the food with fast oxalic acid to have the) such as spinach, legume, celery, grape, green pepper, caraway, strawberry, alcohol, caffein, chocolate, hotpot and black tea, if the oxalic acid in blood contains generous word, it and the opportunity that calcium combines are greater, the possibility that forms stone is larger. Calcic agent complements when having a meal, a few ionic calcium can be united in wedlock with the oxalic acid in food, become oxalic acid calcium to from bowel eduction, the possibility that so oxalic acid enters blood is not large, become the possibility that forms stone to also be met so decrescent.

So, after ionic calcium and oxalic acid are together, it draws blood also decrescent, so each pregnant woman need not worry suffer be afraid of, loss so if the calcium of little is ionic, calcic to allowing mom to fill circumstance won’t be affected. Permit mother so or fill first calcium is more important.

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