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When autumn food is inferior to changeful

2016-10-20 15:50:10

In the autumn with delightful climate, we also can appear all sorts of unwell, for instance autumn dry, Qiu Chou, autumn lack… to spend this better ” eventful autumn ” , suggest everybody makes the following change on food.

The first, eat brunet vegetable more, especially greenery dish and orange yellow vegetable. In summer, drop in temperature for dispel heat, the fruit vegetables that people place has is general with melon kind give priority to, for instance wax gourd, cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, however the carotene in vegetables of this kind of fruit (it is in A of vitamin of translate into of human body internal energy) content is inferior, bring about the vitamin A inside human body so easily reserve is less. Vitamin A needs for the synthesis of epithelial tissue and repair place, if it is serious insufficient, the resistance of the skin and mucous membrane can be reduced, mucus of exterior place excretive and leather fat decrease, function of mucous membrane immunity also can drop. Expression of vitamin A lack is skin dry, wool bursa is protuberant, the skin feels coarser, even the eye also can be sent dry. Orange contains a lot ofcarotene in maize vegetable and greenery dish, for instance carrot, spinach, cabbage mustard, on the west orchid, a variety of Chinese cabbage, autumn should eat more.

The 2nd, often eat conduce to raise gastric food. For instance pumpkin, millet. The tall hair that autumn is enteron disease period, the thing that has fat pleasant thick taste often can let flimsy intestines and stomach ” one disaster after another ” , should eat a few conduce to raise gastric food right now, for instance pumpkin, millet, cabbage patch, ginger, Chinese flowering quince. Additional, chi of yoghurt, beans ferment food nutrition is abounded and digest easily, also suit autumnal edible very much.

The 3rd, with potato kind will replace face of partial essence rice. Autumn is potato kind producing busy season, often eat a few yam, taro, potato, yam to wait, with will replace face of rice of essence of life, dispute often chooses well. On one hand, potato kind vitamin of B a group of things with common features and Potassium, magnesium is contained a lot ofto wait in food mineral, prandial fiber is richer also, conduce to people getting more nutrition. On the other hand, modern research makes clear, they are helpful for preventing the chronic such as hypertension as staple food edible.

The 4th, eat a small nut everyday. Common saying says, “Spring eat bud, summer to eat melon, autumn eat fruit, winter to take a root. ” the good time that autumn is the nut such as edible earthnut, walnut, filbert, almond. Often eat health of nut conduce heart, and nut still can offer a vitamin E is mixed a variety of microelement. Meet into after autumn climate increasingly dry, eat more fry dry nut voice the meeting is uncomfortable. The proposal is born with raw ingredient feed, the means that the five spices is boiled and bakes gently, do not have roast walnutmeat, filbert, pine nut to wait for instance, the five spices boils earthnut, the Badanmu that bakes gently, happy fruit and cashew.

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