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Inferior healthy symptom you inferior healthy

2016-10-18 14:44:12

Easy be in inferior the crowd age of health is in more 18 to 45 years old between, with urban white-collar especially be in the majority. This age paragraph the person can say is the busiest crowd, want to be faced with enter a higher school of the university entrance exam, the enterprise is managed, business affairs dinner party, position competes, the social activity such as human association, pressure is greater, in the environment that is in nervous fast rhythm for a long time, if cannot scientific ego cure and ego health care, very easy body and mind is tired out, then easy body sicken. It is below a group inferior healthy measure a method oneself, see you whether have following state.

1, ” general abdomen ” show early. 30 ~ person of 50 years old, potbellied, it is mature mark, also be the spouse of tall blood fat, fatty liver, hypertension, coronary heart disease.

2, go again and again closet. If your age is in 30 ~ is 40 years old between, excrete a frequency to exceed normal person, explain digestion and urology begin decline.

3, trichomadesis, spot is bald, early bald. Wash every time hair one pile hair falls off, this is actuating pressure be caused by of insecurity of big, spirit.

4, memory drops, begin to forget the name of acquaintance.

5, function force drops. Middleaged person appears prematurely lumbar acerbity leg is painful, sexual desire drops or man, woman is premature amenorrhoea, it is the first signal that body whole ebbs.

6, work to often regret, irritable, be agitated, pessimistic, dominate oneself sentiment hard.

7, worse and worse of mental arithmetic ability.

8, what to see not pleasing to the eye, be agitated, get angry at every turn.

9, attention is not centered, center the ability worse and worse of energy.

10, the life convention that is oneself is disturbed and grouchy, always think restorable. To the thing that already finished, already considered clear issue, think repeatedly and check, and oneself relapse for this kind again and pained.

11, when wanting to work, unidentified reason ground takes a look, think in brain east want on the west, spirit is centered hard.

12, sack time is shorter and shorter, awake to also indissoluble lack.

13, be in sensitive and nervous condition, be fear of and evasive someone, somewhere, something or something.

14, easily tired, or feel without obvious reason energy is insufficient, physical strength is not raised.

15, have unwell or some kind is aching on the body, but the doctor is not checked give an issue, and still not be at ease, always considering this issue.

16, faint when the mood is bad, do not dominate mood and action, do not say suddenly even to give word, invisible thing, choke with resentment, jerk.

17, the mood is low, heavy-hearted, all the day joyless, the job, study, recreation, life is carried do not have spirit and interest.

18, very angry is irritated, but do not know why to be troubled certainly; Do other issue to often cannot be opposite dispersedly vexed attention, trouble that is to say seem to be not cast off.

19, be afraid of interact with the person, evil person of be disgusted with is much, diffident before other heart, feel nervous or uneasy.

20, feel others is bad, people does not understand you, mocking you or mix your oppose. After the thing passes, can be aware of somewhat, it seems that oneself are too eventful, got insignificant problem.

Summary: Everybody can contrast above ” signal ” self-check, have afore-mentioned two or two the following person, it is ” Huang Deng ” admonitory period, still need not worry at present. A has afore-mentioned 3 ~ 5 person, it is ” red light ” forecast period. B6 above person, it is 2 times ” red light ” crises, can be surely ” exhaustion is asked for integratedly ” . C has 3 kinds of people additionally easy ” overfatigue is dead ” : It is rich (have situation) person, know consumption does not know the person that maintain only especially; 2 it is the person that has enterprise, say to go up especially ” the job is mad ” person; 3 it is to heredity dies early blood relationship the person with healthy flatter oneself.

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