Add head of evening shift caution for a long time to be not worth _ cate the world for blood

Add head of evening shift caution for a long time to offer hematic inadequacy

2016-10-18 10:43:47

The head is not worth for blood kind it is the haemal in short supply with local some of head pointing to a person and the obstacle that poses cerebral function. Arteriosclerosis concerns the pathogeny that the head is not worth for blood and head. Cent is not worth to be mixed for acute for blood in clinical general head chronic, acute head is not worth for blood (acute head is short of blood) the common disease that is old people, clinical already took seriously relatively, and chronic head is not worth for blood (the attention that CCCI) causes people rarely however.

Contemporary work is busy, no matter the youth still is middleaged person, him feeling of the meeting after in the course long volt table works or adding evening shift has a headache, giddy even insomnious phenomenon happens, was to appear likely very actually the head is not worth for blood. Its healthy harm sex to people is great, must inchoate prevention and cure.

Chronic head offers the symptom with insufficient blood

Feel functional obstacle: Because the head supplies the analytic area that blood is not worth and affects cerebral department, feeling implement and sensory nerve fiber, often behave the hemp that it is a face, tongue hemp, lip hemp and pins and needles of a side limbs or eyewinker feeling; ; some is entered look matter not clear, abrupt even temporarily sexual blindness; Many people have dizziness suddenly feeling; Some limbs spontaneity are aching; Return some suddenly occurrence tinnitus, audition drops etc.

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