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4 tea will help you recuperate irascibility

2017-04-21 16:08:28

Flourishing of irascibility of medical knowledge talking is us in a kind of very common phenomenon in the life, to the circumstance of irascibility flourishing we may not know how to should alleviate, but to irascibility flourishing we still have a lot of answer a method, follow below small make up understand irascibility flourishing how to should be recuperated together!

The person of irascibility flourishing is angry easily be agitated, the meeting when irascibility is exuberant makes sympathetic excited, appear easily move restlessly, impatient.

Appetite drops

Irascibility flourishing still can bring about pregnant woman vomiting during early pregnancy, during pregnant woman is pregnant, irascibility flourishing can be behaved for evil feed carry feed, bitter water of swimmy mouth suffering, vomiting.


Irascibility flourishing brings about the whole body listless and faint, do not have strong, body all over fuggy, be addicted to sleeps, easy and tired etc.

Giddy mouth works

Usually, if flourishing meets irascibility have heat to sending body upside, or go up strong sex characteristic, expression is red bare of giddy, appearance, blush to be retreated hard, suffering of dry of dry tongue of easy violent rage, mouth, mouth, halitosis, have a headache, giddy, coating on the tongue is added thick etc, more very person meeting faint, haematemesis.

Tea of licorice of the root of Chinese thorowax

Applicable symptom: Dry of buccal dry tongue, mouth is broken.

Material: The root of Chinese thorowax, licorice each 3 grams.

Effect: The root of Chinese thorowax is demulcent and heat of solution of can scanty liver, antiphlogistic, licorice conduces to gas of clear hot detoxify, beneficial promoting the secretion of saliva or body fluid.

Tea of rose root of herbaceous peony

Applicable symptom: Slow bosom frowsty, be agitated.

Material: Rose, root of herbaceous peony each 3 grams.

Effect: The rose is feasible diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain of gas invigorate the circulation of blood, manage, Jie Yu, smooth liver of root of herbaceous peony raises gas of shade, beneficial to divide irritated.

Chrysanthemum mint drink

Applicable symptom: The eye is acerb, have a headache.

Material: Chrysanthemum, mint each 3 grams.

Effect: Chrysanthemum provides smooth liver heat of bright eye, solution raises shade effect, field mint scanty liver dismisses head of gloomy, clear advantage.

Silver spends Cape jasmine drink

Applicable symptom: Blain blain problem, shallow Mian.

Material: Honeysuckle, gardenia each 3 grams.

Effect: Honeysuckle can come loose hot detoxify, cool blood and diminish inflammation, cape jasmine Qing Dynasty is fire of liver have diarrhoea, composed divide irritated.

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