Vivid head fights black alimental the world of declining effect _ cate

Vivid head fights black alimental declining effect

2016-10-25 15:27:07

Medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill! The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks ” black food ” enter kidney more, wait like black soya bean, black sesame seed, black agaric, dateplum persimmon, can have defer ageing, enhance memorial action, basically be black food after be being digested to absorb, be used more easily by kidney gas institute, the function that because kidney enrages injury to cause,repairs is maladjusted, mental to activation fight consenescence very helpful.  

[dateplum persimmon] : Sexual flavour pleasant is lukewarm, taste is sweet in the belt is acerbity, have nourishing ” liver kidney ” , moisten the respiratory tract promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the action that raises blood to calm the nerves. The red jujube with appearance and similar action, mouthfeel is sweet, but the function basically slants overweight is recuperated ” taste ” , the association with kidney is inferior.

[black soya bean] : Flavour pleasant sex is smooth, be called ” the cereal of kidney ” , have invigorate the circulation of blood, alimentary the be good at blood, function that enhances vigor, the lecithin in its composition can promote adipose metabolization, reduce hematic fat, maintain heart head blood-vessel not block; Protein also is nutriment of important be good at head, can assist the cranial nerve that repair is damaged.

[walnut] : Flavour pleasant sex is lukewarm, have filling kidney, be good at stomach, enrich the blood wait for effect, have ” macrobian fruit ” say, it is good to contain good to cranial nerve health with black sesame seed oily, for example vitamin E, Omega-3, add its exterior to be like person head, have from of old eat walnut can beneficial of be good at head wisdom view.

[black sesame seed] : Flavour pleasant sex is smooth, can fill internal organs of the body of liver kidney, beneficial, and contain vitamin E and Omega-3, can complement not only the nutrition that encephalon place needs, to the help with fight the action such as inflammation to also have cerebral blood-vessel and nerval rehabilitate, certain.

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