Eat Qiu Dao fish to be able to prevent the world of hypertensive _ cate

Eat Qiu Dao fish to be able to prevent hypertension

2012-02-07 14:22:55

If often have Qiu Dao fish, can prevent hypertension really. Some studies the report thinks, qiu Dao fish can prevent hypertensive average resident to compare familiar Qiu Dao fish not only, where is the profit that why has so much to human body? According to analysing autumn knife the fish contains very much carbon 5 Xi are acerbity (EPA) , 6 Xi of 22 carbon are acerbity (DHA) wait for not saturated fatty acid, EPA, DHA has the effect that restrains block of muscle of hypertensive, heart, arteriosclerosis. The protein content of Qiu Dao fish is higher than beef, pork, the mackerel’s protein is very tall also.

Day adage says ” Qiu Dao fish appears on the market, massagist is unemployed. ” the ancestor of visible Japanese from experience saury is mixed to hypertension not only mid-autumn the adult disease such as miocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis is effective, still have contain the rich vitamin E that can defer consenescence. The vitamin A amount that Qiu Dao fish contains is 16 times more than beef, pork. By Wu Yan the retinal inside of eyeball differentiates the pigment of brightness is made by vitamin A, if lack little vitamin A, the eye cannot divide differentiate light and shade, the thing is lost sight of in dark place, become nyctalopia.

Qiu Dao fish still contains a lot of other vitamins.

Of Qiu Dao fish splanchnic suffer from because of bravery flavour, average person does not love to eat, but the fish is splanchnic nutrition is very rich also, contain calcic, nicotinic acid and all sorts of vitamins. On the piscine back of Qiu Dao fish, incarnadine and nigrescent that part, contain the vitamin B that can treat anaemia in case more very much 12. Introduce before no less than in that way, qiu Dao fish contains rich and balanced nutrition, in the busy season that autumnal autumn saury appears on the market in great quantities, often eat Qiu Dao fish to be able to give healthy next dozen of solid bases.

Japanese writer Zuntengchunfu is admiring in the poem Qiu Dao fish: Qiu Dao fish, qiu Dao fish, have the Qiu Dao fish that writes acerbity juice of the Qing Jie on drop, be this person birthplace is consuetudinary ” . The place in poem of no less than says, qiu Dao fish adds salt to bake after to be irrigated again on lemon juice or orange kind acerbity juice will eat, flavour is very delicious.

Qiu Dao fish why delicious, go up because of the body of Qiu Dao fish of busy season fattiness, occupy 16 % about, with what method cook very delicious. When having Qiu Dao fish, irrigate on lemon juice, taste fish oil not only do not touch a tongue, still feel icy in the mouth, relaxed.

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