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Young it is to eat come out

2012-02-07 14:04:00

OrMake you won’t like others to ask about your age, you always hope you look younger than actual age. Actually, this is not is the fantasy that cannot realize. Medical expert says, is your body younger than your actual age? Or, is your body more anile than your actual age? This depends on your manner to the body. Those are decreased age the healthy habit of lifetime, if you noticed, can make your benefit bandit shallow.

Arterial and young turn proposal

Artery has much younger, the person has much younger

1, maintain burn with righteous indignation

Human body is in athletic process, can accelerate haemal circulation, delighted hematic current free can carry nutrition each position, make artery red-blooded.

2, eat the food that contain sugar less

The smooth position that keeps arterial and do not appear the circumstance of block, the candy in wanting to notice blood namely assigns content, must not make blood sugar exorbitant.

3, much perspiration

Stay comfortably a little while, also be a field that makes the body have good circulation, can enhance the process that body material metabolizes, make the corporeal metabolization such as candy, adipose, protein is strengthened, the trash such as sodium chloride promotes eduction. Additional, the process with contractive because of this, outspread blood-vessel, also let blood be in vigorous state circularly.

4, drink a bit red wine

In the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, wine has invigorate the circulation of blood to change the intention of main and collateral channels of silt, dredge, outspread to blood-vessel have certain help, so to artery young change having distinct effect. Especially bishop, among them natural raw material and wine control a process, make its contain has a variety of amino acid, mineral with the vitamin, promote metabolism not only, and cleared oxygen is free base, a few drinkable invigorate the circulation of blood are raised colour.  

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