The world of cate of nutrient plan _ with pregnant inchoate mammy

The nutrient plan with pregnant inchoate mammy

2016-11-14 13:20:55

Be pregnant inchoate nutrition is mixed to mom fetal it is to have very main effect, the expert that China teachs a net early put forward 4 pregnant inchoate nutrition shoots plan, the darling that lets you wins on the scratch line.

1 appropriate plans program during vomiting during pregnancy food

Food is a principle with be being digested fatly, easily delicately, less. Cook notices diversification, accord with the hobby of pregnant mammy and dietary habit as far as possible. Eat fresh vegetable and fruit to wait more slant alkalescent food, reach all sorts of vitamins and microelement with compensatory moisture, prevent to produce acid toxic. Especially the pregnant mammy with severe reaction of vomiting during pregnancy, the body is light dehydration, must eat a few washy food more, wait like watermelon. Once appear,gravid drama is spat, should go to a hospital infusion, compensatory body place requires heat energy.

·Heart of bit of low fat of a few high in syrup is put in bedside, be like biscuit, system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan, a few eat first before getting up, lie on the bed next 20-30 minute recrudesce bed.

·To reduce disgusting vomiting, take a few salty biscuit, steamed bread that bake piece or toast piece.

·Every meal should have less, but can eat a few food more, eat delicate digestible food more, if biscuit, milk, gruel, fruit juice, honey reachs all sorts of fruits.

·Soup kind cause sickness the most easily with fat food, boiling water is not drunk when having a meal so, drink beverage to reach eat fat food.

·Disgusting when, can hear citric flavour, field mint flavour to improve a symptom, or the mouth contains plum, lemon, or field mint, usable also ginger piece besmear lip.

·Have the pregnant mammy of piquancy hobby at ordinary times, but edible a few ginger, chili it is certain to have excitant food, stomachic.

·Acid is citric ester is contained in food, conduce to the appetite that increases pregnant mammy, stimulative candy metabolizes, wait like vinegar of prune, orange, rice.

·Cold drinks and snacks also is the provision that pregnant mammy increases appetite ideal, specific heat of cold drinks and snacks feeds odour small, can restrain gastric juice the effect of abnormal excitement, wait like bean curd of cold and dressed with sause, Leng Shang.

·Do not eat the food that makes oneself unpleasant or stodgy to consider nutrition.

·Vomiting is serious person, eat vegetable and fruit more, at the same time B6 mixes vitamin of profess to convinced vitamin C piece, in order to prevent the acid inside body toxic.

·Use a few dietotherapy. Boil gruel of a few polished glutinous rice to drink; to wring sugar cane into juice, add touch tea comes to drinkable; among ginger Chinese olive pound, the decoct that use water is worn drink.

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