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The female has what the cookbook between pregnancy has

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For the mom to looking forward to eagerly to be pregnant, the arrival of little baby is a very good thing, and each allow what mom hopes the little baby in abdomen can be healthy to grow, be pregnant October is one very painstaking however very great thing, want during this very careful, need notices a lot of item, and the habits and customs before female pregnant and food also can affect the fetal health after be pregnant!

The female has what pregnant cookbook is

For the female of unripe to preparing to be pregnant little baby, the reasonable nutrition before pregnant is right high grade and fetal education, and maternal health is very important. Because,this is gravid and inchoate it is the important level that fetal organ become divided forms, accurate father permits mother whether give birth to a clever and argute darling, at that time the job is very main. And, the nutrient origin with this fetal moment, absolutely old rate is the nutrient reserve before relying on woman pregnant, the preparation that plans to did mom’s friends to do a few lives to go up before pregnant so and the dietary rule that need an attention and small principle of a few food, shift to an earlier date nurturance good dietary convention.

The female has what pregnant cookbook has

In the process of equipment pregnant, the female must notice to rest more, sleep early rise early do proper outdoors exercise, adjust good intention affection as far as possible, let oneself be in a relaxation condition. Go up in food more want reasonable collocation, fresh and vegetable fruit eats more, still have milk, the body that invites oneself is in a groove! And the cookbook of female equipment pregnant, also can consult the following 3 kinds:

(1) should assure high grade enough albumen, the main food that contains a lot ofhigh grade albumen has: Deep-sea fish shrimp, soja, lean lean, the egg.

(2) reasonable complement is mineral with microelement, the commonnest is zincic Selenium kind element, basically have: Testacean sea product, pluck, corn embryo, sesame seed, shrimp, kelp, laver

(3) fruit vegetable is good helper all the time, compensatory the vitamin that all sorts of human body place need, and still contain a lot ofthe folic acid that assures to be pregnant quickly, resemble rape, strawberry, orange, peach.

The advantage of cookbook of female equipment pregnant

Scientific equipment pregnant cookbook is helpful for increasing pregnant odds, because food and conception are of be closely bound up, be helpful for letting the body achieve the status that suits to bear most, assure the health of maternal body, and the growth of stimulative embryo darling development, conduce to fetal healthy inside body grow. Because of good food, ability makes him more healthy, also can let prospective darling absorb rich nutrition.

The female has pregnant needs what to notice

The note between equipment pregnancy has a lot of, the most important have dietary side: Pussyfoot of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, everybody knows the harm of smoke wine. Avoid is acrimony and fat food, acrimony and fat error is gone against mother and grow fetally. Want to do work of health care of good equipment pregnant at the same time, female equipment pregnant is simpler, resemble additional folic acid, make the inspection before pregnant, fresh air of much at ordinary times breath taking a walk, note time of work and rest, keep buoyant, mental pressure does not want too big etc.

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