Take the world of note _ cate of the egg to darling

Take the note of the egg to darling

2016-10-13 10:07:04

The first, unfavorable become the egg staple food. Some mom grow to make the child healthy, almost every meal eats an egg to the child kind food, the result brings about diarrhoea of sex of child occurrence indigestion. Because digestive function of line of infant stomach bowel is immature,this is, all sorts of assimilation enzymatic secrete less, overmuch ground eats an egg to be able to increase gastric bowel burden of the child.

The 2nd, half years old former baby is unfavorable egg white eating chicken. Because the development of infantile digestion is not perfect, the albumin element in egg white is lesser, can enter haemal circulation directly through alvine wall sometimes, make airframe produces allergy to it, produce the disease such as eczema, urticaria.

The 3rd, should not be the egg that the infant eats to was not thoroughlied cook. Although do not have broken egg to be polluted very easily also by the bacterium, because this omelette wants fry in shallow oil 3 minutes, coddle should boil 7 minutes, cause bacterial infection easily otherwise.

The 4th, unfavorable eat an egg to fevered child. Extra quantity of heat can produce after the person had egg white, go against have a fever the rehabilitation of children.


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