Infantile ground rice complementary feed add the world of cate of whole strategy _

Infantile ground rice complementary feed add whole strategy

2013-11-09 11:42:37

Summary: Complementary feed add also be called compensatory feed, undertake only complementary feed add, darling ability obtains enough nutrition quite, grow higher, grow more quickly.

Add complementary one feeding is darling feed needs classics phase, a lot of parents are choosing complementary ground rice can choose when feeding, so, how do you know to add ground rice scientificly?

Ground rice complementary feed add whole strategy

Ground rice is the food of the first kind of solid that the baby eats. Mixture feed or artificial feed baby begin to accept ground rice from 4 months, can have baby 1 year old all the time. To the baby, ground rice is absorbed easily, safe, cause allergy not easily.

Of ground rice hello feed a point:

Choose Tie Jiang to change ground rice, it contains iron to abound, can help the iron that darling has shorted inside additional system, precaution is anaemic.

Feed darling with ladle, need not feeder.

Increase the consistency of ground rice slowly. The ground rice of original modulation should be rare, darling suits to increase consistency gradually again later.

Increase the amount of ground rice slowly. From feed 2 spoon of 1 ~ to begin every time, after darling suits, increase 3 ~ slowly 4 spoon, feed 1 ~ 2 times everyday.

The modulation of common ground rice

Has disinfected darling is special bowl, chopstick and small spoon.

1 spoon ground rice joins 4 spoon of 3 ~ Wen Shui;

Place a little while, make ground rice sufficient by water wet.

Move into according to the clockwise with the chopstick mushy.

Note: As the baby the addition of lunar age is mixed suit ceaselessly complementary feed, can increase the amount of ground rice and proportion slowly, in order to increase consistency.

The modulation of nutrient ground rice

Nutrient ground rice has way of recipe of 3 kinds of attune: The recipe suckles ground rice, mother milk ground rice and cider ground rice.

Suckle the modulation of ground rice

Suckle the modulation method of ground rice:

Mother milk or the flavour that the recipe suckles your darling is already familiar, accordingly, grandma ground rice is darling easily to accept.

1, ground rice is joined after a few warm water are wet, rejoin mother breeds or the recipe is suckled;

2, move into according to the clockwise with the chopstick mushy.

The modulation method of cider ground rice:

With cider modulation ground rice, contain a lot ofrich vitamin C, can help the iron in iron aggrandizement ground rice be absorbed adequately character.

1, cider can be abstained with juicer, also can buy off-the-peg.

2, ground rice is joined after a few warm water are wet, rejoin cider.

3, move into according to the clockwise with the chopstick mushy.

Of the baby complementary feed add guidance

4 ~ in June — try level

Baby of feed of milk of this phase mother still is in pure grandma period, the baby of feed of pure mother milk wants just begin to add after 180 days completely complementary feed. Also basically do not need to feed water during this.

Artificial feed and mixture feed baby are full after 120 days, need is added complementary feed. Of this phase although be given priority to in order to suckle,reach mixture feed baby artificially (grandma quantity cannot reduce) , but the nutrition that relies on a grandma only already cannot satisfy infantile quantity of heat and nutrient place to need, so, must want to add at this moment complementary feed.

Put the error that be in generally

Will complementary feed understanding to be non-staple food, or not main provision.

Actually, “Complementary ” the word has in Chinese ” support, help and complement ” meaning. Not complementary the accretion that feed, infantile heat energy and nutrition can are not worth, grow development can be affected. So, complementary feed add also be called compensatory feed.

The basic principle that parents should know — of the baby complementary feed add and feed is a process.

As the month age increase, feed a baby complementary those who feed is qualitative also want with the quantity as change, in other words, as the baby the addition of lunar age, complementary feed also want corresponding change. The mother breeds or recipe breast should continue to maintain eat 4 ~ 6 times everyday, provide main heat energy and nourishment, others criterion by complementary feed offer.

Want to accomplish ideal complementary feed add and feed, you should can reply following 5 problems:

What to feed?

How to feed?

When to feed?

Where to feed?

Who will feed?

That is to say, should right feed person decides the choice is right complementary feed phyletic, right feed kind, right feed time and appropriate feed place.

The basic principle that parents should know — the feed characteristic of this phase is to let the child trying to take new provision, want to try one by one.

Want to be added successfully to the child complementary feed, you should notice below 6 problems:

(1) digests ability and nutrient need by the baby, add variety gradually, foretaste a kind, wait for 3 ~ 5 days or the baby after a week suited, add another kind again.

(The capacity that 2) adds should by arrive less much, by rare arrive stiff, by weak to thick, increase gradually.

(When 3) sicken or climate are burning hot, should stop appropriately or defer increase new provision, avoid indigestion.

(After 4) adds new complementary provision to plant every time, should pay close attention digestive circumstance of the child. Discover have a bowel movement is unusual or appear vomiting, give the other case such as rash, should stop temporarily feed this to plant complementary feed. So defecate problem, after can waiting for defecate to return to normal, retry, the quantity that begins from before or more grain is fed case.

(5) child is individual difference is big, need to master the breed that increases complementary provision, amount to reach neatly begin lunar age.

(6) adds food to must pay attention to sanitation, raw material wants fresh, do now eat now, the food that eats remnant does not eat to the baby again. Infantile tableware should be secured special, serious rinse, daily disinfection.

Infantile ground rice complementary feed add whole strategy

Add complementary 5 phase that feed

(0 ~ in April) pure grandma period: Pure mother breeds feed baby can not feed water, mixture feed or artificial feed can feed a few water appropriately between two food milk.

(4 ~ in June) try level: Baby of feed of pure mother milk still lies pure grandma period. Begin to try to eat right now with mixture feed baby artificially complementary feed, offer fluidity and mud mushy food. Feed with ladle eat.

(6 ~ in August) study mastication and deglutition phase: Give priority to with semisolid food mushily with mud, add the variety of vegetable, fruit and meat dishes. The society eats the mixture food of feed or two meat high quality, be like dish congee or sodden noodle.

(8 ~ in December) work up ” 3 eat at 3 o’clock ” dietary mode phase: Eat semisolid and solid food stage by stage, eat ” finger food ” (him hand is taken, eat alone go down complementary feed) . The 10th month begins to eat a thick soup of evaporate entire egg.

(12 ~ 24 months) to domestic table food transfers level: Eating food kind draws close with domestic member stage by stage, requirement quality of a material is delicate, chew easily, the family is the provision that the child makes alone.

Consumer of clew of total bureau of national qualitative check, want to note the problem of 6 respects when ground rice of infant of choose and buy:

·See a brand

Choose dimensions as far as possible the product of quality of bigger, product and the brand business with serve quality better. These industry technology force are abundant, product recipe design is relatively scientific, reasonable, more severe to the quality control of raw material, manufacturing facilities is advanced, business management level is higher, product quality has relatively assure.

·Read label

The label mark of mount seeing a package is all ready. Press national level regulation, must indicate on outer packing the project such as watch of composition of watch of date of factory name, the site of factory, birth, expiration period, executive standard, brand, clean content, burden, nutrition and edible method, if lack afore-mentioned any one had better not be bought.

·See nutrient part

The nutrient composition that in seeing nutrient composition express, indicates is all ready, content is reasonable. The basic nutrition composition such as quantity of heat, protein, adipose, carbohydrate should indicate commonly in nutrient composition watch, vitamin kind be like D of vitamin A, vitamin, part vitamin of B a group of things with common features, microelement is like calcic, iron, zinc, phosphor, other the nutrient substance that is added also should indicate.

·See a specification

See a product pack a specification. If national level sets, infantile ground rice should bright show have ” infantile optimal food is mother milk, when in the mother breast is not worth or breeding without the mother but edible this product; Edible of baby of 6 months above when this product, should cooperate to add auxiliary provision ” .

Ablactation period recipe ground rice, still should make clear ” ablactation period recipe food ” or ” ablactation period additional provision ” etc. These statement are an enterprise must to consumer bright shown content.

·Read colour and lustre and taste

The ground rice with good quality should be the white of rice, agree equably. Have the sweet smell of ground rice, without other odour, wait like essence flavour.

·View configuration and the constituent form that treat a product to tone sex and strong attune sex. Should be farinaceous or piece shape, dry and inattentive, do not have equably agglomerate. After with right amount warm boiled water strong bubble perhaps is thoroughlied cook, show via sufficient agitate those who lubricate is mushy.

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