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How much does cold winter chaffy dish know?

2016-10-27 16:35:08

In the winter, chaffy dish is the cosset on table, and have more and more the situation of the favour that accepts people, do you know to eat the optimal method of chaffy dish?   
4 big principles:

One, easy get angry of little element of much meat or fish. When having chaffy dish, answer to put some of vegetable, bean curd more, had better add some of Bai Lian. Because vegetable contains a large number of vitamins and chlorophyll, its sex slants more cold, can eliminate not only fat, return can cool and refreshing, alexipharmic, reduce internal heat. And bean curd has clear hot relieve inflammation or fever, except irritated stop thirsty action. Lotus seed contains a lot ofa variety of nutriment not only, also be the fine medicine that human body attune fills, affiliation Bai Lian had better not take lotus heart, lotus heart has the effect of fire of clear lung have diarrhoea.   

2, ” duration ” undeserved Yi Sheng is ill. Put vegetable for long in chaffy dish to boil, destroy the nutrient part in dish easily, and covet pork dish is fresh and tender and differ chaffy dish is burned eat, cause diarrhoea, bowel extremely easily to the enteron disease such as verminosis and hepatitis. How to make chaffy dish dish maintains original gust not to break nutrition already, accord with wholesome requirement again, this is good with respect to need control ” duration ” , answer to enter boiler group by group according to food quality, the edge puts an edge to boil, burn eat again, aquatic product should boil 15 minutes of above to just can take food in boiled water more.  

3, feed chaffy dish soup less to protect health. Chaffy dish soup is much by the flesh kind, a variety of food such as seafood and green vegetables mix boil the hoosh juice that form, contain a kind of chroma pole to cry high ” Prynne ” also cry ” Bu Lin ” material. This kind of material digests metabolization of liver of the classics after decomposing to become uric sick at heart, can make kidney function drops, excrete suffocate suffocate, cause overmuch uric acerbity deposit to be in blood and organization, and cause or aggravating gout is ill. So, soup of little edible chaffy dish answers when having chaffy dish.

4, food boiling water feeds the pass the night inside boiler to be not gotten. The chaffy dish that because of dish Shang Neng and metal make has chemical reaction, affect the service life of chaffy dish not only, and a few chemical material of generation are deliquescent in dish Shang Zhonghui creates human body toxic. If aluminium is qualitative,the aluminium that chaffy dish and action of food boiling water make changes thing, can restrain the human body absorption to phosphor, the growth of skeleton of block up human body, tooth development and metabolism. If human body has absorbed the verdigris that much copper pledges action of chaffy dish and food boiling water is generated, can produce the phenomenon such as disgusting, vomiting, dazed, gastralgia, make clear according to newest research, cupreous intake still can bring about liver cirrhosis too much.

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