Child breakfast takes the world of law _ cate two kinds insalubrious

Child breakfast has a way two kinds insalubrious

2016-09-28 15:18:44

Impertinent early meal feeds a habit, won’t be darling complement nutrition not only, can cause harm to darling instead. Here small make up remind broad parents, must take scientific have dinner seriously, add safeguard for darling health.  

One, traditional gust 

Breakfast content: Deep-fried twisted dough sticks, soya-bean milk 

Welcome reason: A lot of children are be in as a child of grandfather grandma guide below, was used to what eat deep-fried twisted dough sticks to add soya-bean milk in the morning, not only this kind is used to to have a way on taste, and also have on feeling old ” the saving ” .


Soya-bean milk deep-fried twisted dough sticks

The expert criticizes an aspect: Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is food of high temperature deepfry, wait to have the problem of grease on the high side euqally with dumpling of sesame seed cake, decoct. After food passes high temperature deepfry, nutriment can be destroyed, still can produce carcinogenic substance; And the quantity of heat of deep-fried twisted dough sticks is higher also, grease is indigestible also, food of sex of the fat in also be being belonged to plus soya-bean milk, the grease amount that this kind of breakfast sets exceeds bid apparently, unfavorable and long-term use.  

Proposal: Breakfast must have vegetable or fruit, soya-bean milk adds deep-fried twisted dough sticks had better eat a law little, should not be one week darling eats more than one times, and the midday that day, dinner must as far as possible delicate, do not eat scamper, decoct, fried food again, much complement is vegetable.

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