8 kinds ate to be able to let the world of your happy food _ cate

8 kinds ate to be able to let your happy food

2016-09-23 11:47:08

Face the pressure of the job, life, whether do you also have a sentiment when is low, feeling depressed? So, how ability this aggravating mood ” sweep the floor go out ” ? Want to eat pair of food only actually, you are met happy rise!

Adjust the nutriment of the mood

Lubricious ammonia is acerbity: Must rely on food complement. After lubricious ammonia acid is absorbed by human body, can synthesize lubricious amine of hydroxide of nerve medium 5- , it resembles the body in ” messenger ” , effective play adjusts action, make the mood becomes calm, happy.

Cheese ammonia is acerbity: Also be the material that manages place of cerebral ministry function to need. Cheese ammonia acid is changed into adrenalin inside body, can promote active state of mind.

Vitamin B6: Maintain normal nerve medium level, include 5- hydroxide scene amine, much cling to amine, go armour adrenalin. Vitamin B6 accumulates certain level inside body hind, can produce a kind ” fight depressed agent ” , rise to alleviate the action of depressed mood.

Vitamin E: Ground of utmost of help head cell gets the oxygen in blood, make cerebral cell more active.

Folic acid: Can raise level of lubricious amine of cerebrum 5- hydroxide, effective beat back is depressed mood.

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