Buy a fruit to notice to distinguish similar fruit effect to have the world of different _ cate greatly

Buy a fruit to notice to distinguish similar fruit effect to have greatly different

2016-09-21 13:12:32

There are various fruits on market now, but their price and nutrition however each are not identical. When having, we spent big price to buy common fruit however, is this why? Because we do not know, some fruits, their appearance is very similar, the price and nutrient value however the day is fastened poorly. So, after all what fruit be similar in shape but is essence different? What distinction is there again between them? We look together!

Banana and banana

This is both should be close but best and divisional fruit, banana appearance grows a circle, arris is little, pulp is yellow white; and banana is bulkier than banana, arris is much, pulp is ivory. On flavour, banana slants sweet, banana is a bit acerb. General we still like to eat banana.

But they are very similar on nutrient value, belong to tall Potassium fruit, the amount that contain magnesium is very large also. Because potassium can keep the regular job of our heartbeat and blood pressure, precautionary blood pressure rises with the semiotic; such as muscle convulsion magnesium can help us eliminate exhaustion. Often eat them so, special be helpful for healthy.

People can have banana more after motion, because its candy branch is OK and direct fast changeover becomes dextrose, place of compensatory human body requires energy. And banana sex is lukewarm, and contain a lot ofprandial fiber and water-solubility fiber, aperient to embellish bowel have surprise effect, the effect that treats constipation greatly prep above banana, it suits Wei more cold use with old people. Seeing this effect that we know to banana treats constipation is not us in the imagination so good.

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