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About husband and wife for, indispensable in the life is sexual life, if the sexual life between husband and wife is disharmonious, can cause very big effect to husband and wife’s feeling so, this among them sexual desire is low it is the mainest reason that causes this one condition, also make a lot of husband and wife exceedingly pained, so bring about the reason with patient occurrence low sexual desire what to have!

   1, the age:

This is the main factor that affects sexual desire. The man is more after adolescence sexual desire reachs peak period, 30-40 begins when year old abate, rise from 50 years old or so, abate and apparent, but majority can maintain to 70 years old, longer even. The woman’s sexual desire arrives 30-40 just reachs a peak when year old, menopause hind drops gradually, 60 years old or so begin remarkable and abate.

2, mood:

The person is in mood not when beautiful, sexual desire drops easily temporarily, it is especially below the abominable condition such as exceeding sadness, horrible, depression and despair, sexual desire can be affected significantly, can lose completely even. In view of this, in sweetheart mood not when beautiful, first issue is to help he or her eliminate undesirable mood, do good psychology health care, should not live sexual life right now. If sweetheart reluctance is dealt with, not only arouse pleasure not, bring about sexual inhospitality easily still, and can damage feeling of husband and wife.

  3, wine of smoke of be addicted to:

Long-term and many smoking and photograph of the person that do not smoke are compared, cause more easilyImpotent. Long-termWine of be addicted toCan make sexual function drops, sexual desire drops. According to research, a large number of drinking can cause hemal dilate, phallic blood stream andPleasure lack, bring about sexual desire to drop consequently. But smoke and alcohol are reversible to the influence of sexual function, function of most human nature can restore to come gradually after wine of give up smoke normal level.

   4, nutrition:

Nutrition is corporeal foundation of sexual love. Study the result makes clear, the lack of the important element such as protein and zinc, can cause sexual function to drop, especially heavy to man influence. Contrary, enough, all ready nutrition, eat some of food that contains a variety of high grade albumen, vitamins and zinc more especially, the normal level of tenability sex function.

5, healthy state:

The healthy state influence to sexual desire already important complex. Because, the person ability with only healthy body and mind maintains higher sexual level for a long time. But, really a few have the patient of more serious illness, also maintaining stronger sexual desire with healthy person. So, to this problem, should distinguish different situation, concrete analysis.

6, medicaments:

Long-term or take certain pharmaceuticals in great quantities, can send sexual function to drop, can cause a man evenImpotentWith woman frigidity. The medicaments that affects sexual function is a lot of more phyletic, among them important common have: Reserpine, devilpepper, result is installed, zinc of benzene of chlorpromazine, Pu Lu and a few anticarcinogen content. If accept radiative treatment for a long time, also can bring about sexual desire to reduce.

  7, feeling:

The mankind and other animal are different, sexual generation is not pure biology instinct, cause by love place more. Accordingly, occurrence obstacle of the feeling between husband and wife, especially if already reached cracked level, produce cheesed psychology to the other side, sexual desire drops mostly. So, sexual life harmony, result from the feeling between husband and wife is harmonious.

  8, inducement, sexual life history:

Sexual happening besides action of immanent cause sex hormone, the stimulation of the outside is very important also. Drab or the life is very few interact with other, never watch the books and periodicals of concerned love and film, TV, also do not discuss concerned topic, lack sexual respect namely cause an element, sexual desire is restrained, be in inferior level. Long-term asexuality lives or obtain rarely pleasure can make with the person that satisfy sexual desire is reduced, in the meantime, the sexual life that lives frequency also can bring about sexual desire to reduce.

  9, seasonal, air temperature:

According to investigation, in the wintry spring section of air temperature on the low side, most person sexual desire is stronger, especially spring is considered as courtship season, and the midsummer of streaming with sweat, sexual desire constant temporarily abate. The sexual desire of one part woman and menstrual cycle relationship are close, often come in menstruation wet a few days ago sexual desire increases, one part is in come left and right sides of a week after tide is stronger. Most woman in the sexual desire between gestation some drop. The man’s sexual desire also has periodic change, but majority is very not clear.

  10, living condition:

Live in desultorily, ventilated and undesirable, too in congested environment, can cause state of mind not only not beautiful, and be not worth as a result of indoor fresh air, bring about cerebrum to offer oxygen inadequacy, affect sexual function, make sexual desire is reduced. Especially a few acting people live together one room, or sleep together with children one bed, can form aeriform psychological pressure, cause easilySexual desire drops.

Want to know, if genital is feculent, very possible meeting appears very easily the circumstance that shelter evil people and practices, if did not undertake for long clearing, can endanger oneself not only, still can bring about a spouse to suffer from on disease of department of gynaecology, so male friends must have done the wholesome work to genital in daily life, what just can assure oneself so is healthy, avoid to appearSexual desire drops.

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