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   Do not mentionEnemaRemember male male joyous love, enema also is to have very moral integrity, standard treatment very much the method is good! No matter doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, enema is to be aimed atHuman bodyAnus bowel is very basic clear, method of make a diagnosis and give treatment. So, Of enema goodPlaceWith disadvantageWhat is there? The advantage of enema and disadvantageBecause of the person different, if fixed clyster clears,alvine path, necessary clyster treats a disease is advantage; Disadvantage also has, if unreasonable clyster causes loss to anus bowel,wait. Specific for, The advantage of enema and disadvantageHave the following sides.

   The advantage of enema
   Respecting clyster, I believe everybody can say ” good ” , but ” good ” where be, who can say clearly? Specific reason will discuss with you.
   1, costive cure
   Because pass the liquid that inject measures certainly, path of OK and exciting bowel promotes his to wriggle, conduce to us defecate is smooth. After defecate and flatus are cleared, can alleviate constipation and abdominal distension.
   2, clean bowel path
   Any wanting that do the person of the operation, be like palace antrum lens and celiac lens, need enema before the operation. Examine alvine way on one hand, prevent the infection of the excrement and urine in the operation on the other hand, also prevent at the same timeArt hind is abdominal distensionWith costive reaction.

   3, physics is cooling
   In colloquial respect, it is the use of enema actually, microtherm liquid enters the cure inside our body, operation of this kind of clyster, it is to help those high fever patients control an illness, the effect that physics drops in temperature.
   4, reduce toxic
   Enema conduces to the harmful material in attenuant bowel path, achieve reduce toxic effect.
   5, the cure of alvine path disease
   The remedy that because enema is OK,requires through human body place and nurture are defeated character note be absorbed by alvine mucous membrane, achieve the goal of infection of remedial bowel path and alvine path disease thereby, absorption nutrient substance also can think our body offers nutrient replenishers.

   The harm of long-term clyster
   Enema should be short-term remedy, so long-term clyster is harmful absolutely.
   1, the destruction of normal flora
   Our intestines is very flimsy. If we continue enema a long time, normal alvine path bacterium group, namely so called good person, also can be destroyed.
   2, cause alvine path loss
   If be in enema process, because operation or method are undeserved, the alvine think that can cause our body is injured, gastric perforation is one of more serious case of illness. In rinsing a process, urethral get possibly with the vagina the pollution of defecate.
   3, causeAnal and flabby
   Long-term clyster brings about us possibly also to cannot maintain uric fluid in the life, because if we often use enema, it can loosen our anus to reach its actually all round the quality of a material of area.

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