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Article introduction

Everybody knows hawkthorn is OK and appetizing promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, but it is the effect that hawkthorn of understanding of very few person fries a maltose to be able to rise to treat children accumulating to feed however, and its mouthfeel is first-rate, acid is sweet goluptious OK still aid digestion, if the child has inappetence to perhaps accumulate the symptom that feed, can fry a maltose to treat with hawkthorn, can have first-rate effect, a lot of parent friends can be written down.

 Hawkthorn fries malt effect and action

One, nutrient value

Battalion nutrient analyse

Fry cooked wheaten food of disappear of malt be apt to, except accumulate sluggish; Hawkthorn solves be bored with of fleshy cooking oil, accumulate sluggish all right. 2 medicine are operable, already disappear is fed appetizing, and flavour acid is melting, children is happy drinkable.

Edible guideline

Usage: Above is 1 day of quantities, cent is made 2 times, when beverage tepid take.

Effect: Go accumulating sluggish, aid digestion. Apply to children dyspepsia caused by excessive eating or improper diet.

2, treat children accumulating to feed

Indigestion feed this kind of defect, a lot of children can have, so here I also want to be told to everybody. Those often fear the parents of child be on short commons or old person, must remember, the child’s taste is frailer, “If install want children, 3 minutes of be hungry and cold ” , would rather let them have hungry feeling, also cannot let them eat too full. Eat too full, not only alimentation not, still can bring about the child ” indigestion feed ” .

 Hawkthorn fries malt effect and action

If you discover the child is abrupt,appetite becomes wrong, and have halitosis, bridge of the nose two side paly, stomach uncomfortable, abdomen bilges, sleep the circumstance with calorific, downhearted heart of not dependable, hands or feet, even the child has a fever, it is to accumulate likely fed.

Although say on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” accumulate the heat that feed gloomy ” , time grew, indigestion feed can bring cough, constipation to the child, have a fever, repeatedly the disease such as respiratory tract infection, want to be handled in time only, accumulate feeding also is not big mistake.

But this is accumulated feed processing to rise, also not be to eat aid digestion of big hawkthorn bolus so simple, we divide all sorts of cases even. For instance, if the child loves to eat the meat particularly, the flesh eats much indigestion feed, can eat anxious hawkthorn; If the child does not love to eat the meat, however rice area has much, perhaps can fry with anxious rice crust malt; If the child is to eat Yuanxiao to wait hard digestive is sweet the content of be bored with is brought about indigestion feed, also can use fry malt; If the egg eats much indigestible, can use vinegar magical perhaps…

Because average parent won’t give children chaos,have a thing nevertheless, bring about normally so accumulating the cause that feed is the flesh eats much, or the meal has much, so at that time, we are mixed with anxious hawkthorn respectively fry malt it is good to will handle.

 Hawkthorn fries malt effect and action

Anxious hawkthorn is not the hawkthorn breed with curious what, fry clean hawkthorn pulp to the surface to become however anxious Brown, became. Everybody can be bought in drugstore. Fry ripe later, its acidity slacken, acrid increased. Effect basically is disappear feeds be good at stomach, travel gas comes loose Yu. No matter adult still is a child, if be fleshy dyspepsia sluggish, gastral cavity,bilge full, eat it to go.

And frying malt effect is be good at lienal with the stomach, disappear is fed change indigestion. Wait for starch to rice face, yam kind food causes indigestion feed, it has very good aid digestion effect. The argument that uses contemporary dietetics is, fry malt the exudation that can promote hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and pepsin not only, and the α that it contains and β amylase, still can become amylolysis maltose and dextrin, can promote so digest.

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