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Ham bowel is a kind of food that tastes very convenient, this kind of food is very welcome now, average person can be at ease eat ham bowel, needing those who remind an attention is, kids cannot have too much, the accurate mother during be pregnant additionally had better not have ham bowel, still the old people with frail body also wants to eat less as far as possible, of ham bowel have a way very much, bowel of ham of big housekeeping money teachs to do breakfast to eat below.

What breakfast can ham bowel cook?

What breakfast can ham bowel cook?

“A day plan depend on morning, the whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring ” , breakfast, serve as head of a day, it is very important. But, to a lot of people, early in the morning rises which have so much time to get breakfast, aux would rather in the morning sleep a few minutes more, breakfast, solved casually on the road. This egg cake is exceedingly simple, need only all feeding material mixes, mix is even, use pannikin fry in shallow oil, 10 minutes in, can eat on the egg cake of warm, wipe on the sauce stuff that oneself like, coil, distribute on one cup of hot soya-bean milk, a good day at this point open.

Feed material detail: Bowel of flour 100g, ham 1 root, egg 1, 200g of teaspoon of saline 1/2 teaspoon, white pepper 1/4, clear water

What breakfast can ham bowel cook?

The practice of thin pancake made of millet flour of ham bowel egg measure

1, ham bowel cuts man.

2, egg break up.

3, clear water and ham bowel Ding Jia arrives in flour, join salt and white pepper, mix is even.

4, a few oil pours in boiler, the dip after pot is hot enters one spoon panada, lay open.

5, after decoct finalizes the design to face cake, wipe egg fluid egg cake to go up, turn over another, egg fluid is caky, give boiler. Wipe on the sauce stuff that oneself like, coil, eat.

Small doohickey: Panada cannot be moved too stiffly, face cake is otherwise bad lay open. Go down with the panada since ladle dip, panada shows linear and fast whereabouts, OK.

What breakfast can ham bowel cook?

The practice of breakfast of ham bowel egg:

1. egg, stripping and slicing of ham bowel flay reserves.

Baking pan of 2. general report or boiler warm-up, join a few oily

3. infiltrates egg decoct blast, join a few salt, gallinaceous essence is waited a moment. To maintain pattern, of use report baking pan can build upper cover child, heat up and down, need not search an area. The midway of use boiler breaks up one below.

4. puts ham bowel by again piece, need not impose salt and gallinaceous fine.

5. is scattered on a few pepper or pink of the five spices, also need not add

Fill after 6. egg decoct is ripe dish in can. Do not put salt according to taste painstakingly, salad sauce is joined after decoct ripe Cheng Qi or soy, vinegar.

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