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Rice papers the material that is a kind of half solid state, if there is life disease inside the home, family can have a few meters of paste to the patient, because rice paste ate to be digested very easily, and nutrition is very rich, besides, the little baby with a few big months needs to add complementary when feeding, rice paste also is first-rate choice, for instance parents still can give the darling with 5 big months to eat a few meters of paste, so how much should so big darling eat everyday?

How much is the rice of 5 months darling papers a quantity?

The rice of 5 months darling papers a quantity:

Darling can be added one day 2 times everyday now complementary feed, darling is added complementary feed can be in darling is added to darling between two food milk complementary feed, the appetite of every darling has volume. The food of average baby had better eat much food less. Rice is burnt more or less to want the appetite according to darling specific and affirmatory. Ten million cannot be copied mechanically.

This appetite of every child is discrepant, the proposal presses the amount that takes milk powder at ordinary times to begin first, the rice that just began to be able to add one small spoon only is burnt, it is OK to if darling ate to did not cry,be troubled by if return,add appropriately again next time a few, darling if not feel like eating, stroke belly, bosomy word is nodded less next time.

How much is the rice of 5 months darling papers a quantity?

The baby is growing level, what need most is protein, the protein content that contains in ground rice is little, cannot satisfy a baby to grow the need of development. If use ground rice only kind food replaces breast kind feed, meeting occurrence protein lacks disease.

Incorporate is: Grow stunt, system of neurological, blood mixes influence baby muscle grows, and resistance is low, immune globulin is insufficient, fall ill easily. Accordingly, the baby is returned in 1 year old of less than is should give priority to with recipe milk powder.

Use the baby of ground rice feed for a long time, height growth is slow, but weight does not decrease certainly, instead white fat, what the skin is absorbed to cross much saccharide to be changed is adipose and so contented that what the skin is absorbed to cross much saccharide to be changed stretch tight closely stretch tight, mud is called to cream on medicine appearance. But these child outwardly strong and inwardly weak, often suffer from anaemic, rachitic, easy infection is bronchitic, pneumonic wait for a disease.

How much is the rice of 5 months darling papers a quantity?

5 lunar darling can eat meter of paste

Theoretic complementary feed adding is 4 months above, but want to be decided according to the circumstance of own baby in the life truly, major darling is when 6 months ability is added formally, add too early complementary feed can create darling allergy and body unwell. In darling 5 months when, the actual condition that the parent can inspect darling is right amount add meter of paste to regard as for darling complementary feed, but should from a few beginning, staple food still serves as with dairy produce during.

Because the assimilation of darling absorbs system and immunity,return not development is mature, cannot answer too much complex food. If mom wants to be added some earlier really, also want the earliest when darling is full 17 weeks. Darling arrived 6 months must be added complementary feed, because the mother breeds the content that suckles medium iron with the recipe is not worth apparently, darling needs from complementary in feeding, absorb, and the darling of this moment each respect already development is mature, can answer all sorts of change gradually complementary feed.

In add to darling complementary when feeding, a work that he needs to learn first is deglutition mud mushy food or semisolid food. What drink usually with darling is galactic mix the infantile rice paste that goes up to did not flavor is the most commonly used taste at first, when such darling are exercising deglutition, need not get used to new taste even. Of course, the parent also can try to begin from vegetable mud or fruit mud. Should add a kind of food to darling only, can judge darling to be able to appear so bad food reaction. The parent is OK still mix in infantile rice paste malic mud or carrot mud.

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