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Crab is a kind of very good food, a lot of people are preferred at ordinary times eat, but it is to the life for the friends of foreland, crab is not very rich food. But it is to the life for inland friend, good crab is very expensive really very expensive, now and then eat to feel very happy. The sort of crab is more, so if choose green crab, how should be cleaned?

How is green crab washed?

1, plunge into from mouth or eye with toothpick first, pound a few times, till green crab crus unbend does not move;(the hind leg of the boiler below vivid green crab that boil can drop light)

2, with blueness of tooth brush scrub crab carries housing and celiac carapace; on the back

3, open navel gently, squeeze the; of excrement and urine in bowel

How is green crab washed?

4, a few salt is added to boil to housing in putting bowl erubescent, enter yellow rice or millet wine again, add a few water, boil 5 to 10 minutes. (Specific time basis size and amount)

Curium predestined relationship green crab gets a name because of body lubricious viridescence. Curium along green crab head cuirass is shown slightly elliptic, the surface is slick, in the center of a bit apophysis, partition is not apparent. Armour face and appendage show scene of green predestined relationship. The reverse side has apparent “H” form dent between gastric area and heart area, the forehead has 4 outstanding triangle a tooth-like part of anything, relatively inside eye socket is outstanding, side predestined relationship has a tooth-like part of anything of 9 moderate volume before, end tine is small and acute is outstanding, point to ahead. Chela is sufficient expand, two chela asymmetry. Leading edge of long red-letter day has 3 thorn a tooth-like part of anything, tailing edge provides predestined relationship of the end outside section of wrist of 2 thorn perversing; to have 2 blunt a tooth-like part of anything, end horn is provided inside 1 strong strut of division of thorn; control and smooth, male and individual particularly strut, the reverse side has 2 grand backbone, its extreme provides 1 thorn thorn, the side of inside and outside of knuckle provides 1 line channel each, two show the gap between is bigger, inside the tine of the predestined relationship is big and blunt. Of section of toe of before 3 pairs of paces before, tailing edge provides undercoat, minor details is full to the pace before section and knuckle are compressed oar shape, comfortable at swimming. Male abdomen shows wide triangle, inside predestined relationship of the 6th end sunken, its predestined relationship is straight, two side predestined relationship is straight, blunt circle of predestined relationship of minor details end, female abdomen shows broad circle. Armour is wide can amount to 20 centimeters, weight has 1.5 kilogram.

How is green crab washed?

Curium photograph of predestined relationship green crab is green to drafting acupuncture point crab, the meshy decorative pattern with its sufficient chela is more clear, common of fisherman of Fujian short for Zhejiang Province calls ” appetite of “; of beautiful foot Xi is big, disposition also is likened to acupuncture point blueness crab is feral, the difficulty that breeds artificially is taller also,

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