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Article introduction

In daily life, everybody eats via often can stewing chicken broth, those bodies are frail the person with very poor resistance, eat a few chicken broth to be able to enhance a constitution more, increase the capacity of disease-resistant thereby, additionally age slants old old person, still have broad female friends, eat chicken broth to have very big gain to health more, needing those who remind an attention is, hypertensive patient and fat crowd should eat chicken broth less as far as possible, so can the accurate mom with terminal pregnant drink chicken broth?

Is pregnant terminal and OK drink chicken broth?

Is pregnant terminal and OK drink chicken broth?

To pregnant woman people, drink chicken broth? It is good of course, the advantage that pregnant woman drinks chicken broth or pretty are apparent! Small now make up take everybody to realize the gain that drinks chicken broth, still having is a few chicken broth cookbook that suit pregnant woman, hope everybody will admit to look really!

Pregnant woman drinks chicken broth can

Black chicken contains a lot ofthe material such as calcium and phosphor, after pregnant woman ate, be opposite oneself and fetal darling have benefited effect. Dispute of the chicken broth that nod black is drunk to often have profit when be pregnant so. If use black chicken to stew red jujube to perhaps stew flower of Chinese caterpillar fungus, drank return can nourishing hairdressing, be all sorts of assist!

Is pregnant terminal and OK drink chicken broth?

The female is pregnant in the process, when the choice eats chicken, the proposal eats a few heart-shaped more or the boiling water that flesh of pigeon breast chest boils is to have nutrient effect quite, the flesh here is best, and when clearing, must chicken in those are splanchnic still red meat keeps clear of clean, those are fungus grow virgin soil.

Pregnant woman drinks the advantage of chicken broth

Complement nutrition

The chicken in chicken broth and value of the other nutrition that feed capable person are high, when the daily life of a family boils chicken broth, can mix skin of gallinaceous oil, chicken, chicken the nutrition that place of gallinaceous bone chicken broth contains dissolves Shang Zhong, and gallinaceous oil of Shang Li belongs to saturated fatty acid mostly (fatty acid is not saturated degree heals tall, nutrient value also heals tall) , can provide nutrient supply for pregnant woman.

Increase strength

Chicken broth has the immune functionary characteristic that improves human body, pregnant woman drinks chicken broth more at ordinary times. Answering especially south day when, partial pregnant woman catchs a cold easily, but dare not take medicine again, can choose to drink chicken right now, chicken broth can rise to restrain the effect that mucous membrane produces, conduce to reduce nasal cavity to jam with guttural ache, let the body restore as soon as possible.

Is pregnant terminal and OK drink chicken broth?

Adjustable postpartum disease

The puerpera drinks the chicken broth that stew to be able to remove method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, filling kidney, raise the blood, effect that adds effect of liver of essence of life, beneficial, antifebrile, filling empty. Empty, galactic to postpartum body inadequacy, anaemic, menstruation is not moved, the puerpera with morbid of uterine Xu Han, dysmenorrhoea, uterine bleeding, emaciated body, have very good dietotherapy effect.

Pregnant woman chicken broth cookbook

Red jujube stews chicken broth: 3 yellow chicken go wool and splanchnic. Next Xian Jing cuts chunk, put into boiled water to pass, go surplus end. Take a stockpot, clear water is added inside, put into the chicken of too good water. After boiling 10 minutes, join red jujube and salt, put two Jiang Pian, medium baking temperature boils 1 hour. Open a lid to scatter on chopped green onion, in installing a bowl, become namely.

Medlar stews chicken broth: Chicken is abluent stripping and slicing, with wine 30 grams, balm, ginger bloats be soiled. After oil falling to burn heat in boiler, put the chicken that has bloated piece, conflagration fries 3 minutes. Put wine of 1000 grams water, 30 grams, medlar and salt again, conflagration boils 10 minutes to come ripe can.

Chicken broth of preserve one’s health: Chicken, xue Lian spends a few, hyacinth bean a few, yi benevolence a few, lily a few, gorgon fruit a few, yam a few, jade bamboo a few, jiang Pian a few, saline a few. chicken abluent, cut is small. Go down to divide foreign matter and hematic foam with boiling water scald. Stew 1-2 hour together with Jiang Pian and medicinal material next, add salt to flavor, can.

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