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If dot is short of calcium, can bring various harms, the greatest harm is the growth that affects the child, if the child is short of calcium for a long time, growth rate will be apparent under of the same age age paragraph the child, besides, the occurrence joint with child classics indescribable regular meeting is aching, this also should consider is short of calcium to cause, the child is short of calcium to still can cause an effect to intelligence, what does so little baby eat to you can have the effect to zinc of filling calcium iron?

Zinc of iron of what filling calcium does darling eat?

How to give child filling calcium Tie Xin?

The food that contains a lot ofcalcium

Dairy produce kind, fish of legume and bean products, crucian carp, dried small shrimps, cole, potherb mustard, sesame seed.

The food that contains a lot ofiron

Liver of lean lean, animal, fish, shrimp, kelp, black agaric, laver, sesame seed, soya bean, greenery is vegetable.

The food that contains a lot ofzinc

Zincic element is main in product of consist in sea and pluck. Animal sex food contains zinc the volume is higher, and animal sex protein is decomposed hind the absorption that the amino acid that produces still can promote zinc. Be like: Liver of ostracean, scallop, fish, animal, lean lean, yoke, dawdle, legume, kelp and nut.

Zinc of iron of what filling calcium does darling eat?

How to judge children to need to fill calcic Tie Xin

Be short of calcium: Uneasiness sleeps in child night firm, and easy perspire, the likelihood is short of calcium and vitamin D namely.

Be short of zinc: General child is not short of zinc, especially the child of mother milk feed. But if the child is carried,feed, do not love to eat the meat, do not love to suck the breast, total perhaps love perspires, yellow, appetite differs the hair, the likelihood is about to complement in time zinc.

Be short of iron: The face does not have redness of skin, and one activity may be short of iron with respect to can tired child.

Zinc of iron of what filling calcium does darling eat?

The time of zinc of iron of children filling calcium

Calcic preparation: Between two eat, complement alone

Filling agent suits to be in twice nurse or eat between two eat, was controlled at 10 o’clock in the morning for instance or OK at 23 o’clock afternoon. But what need reminds is, give children filling calcium, calcic agent had better be taken alone, do not take juice of its and milk, soya-bean milk, fruit juice, dish, rice water together, can reduce calcic absorptivity, a few bigger child should avoid to eat together with spinach, because oxalic acid is contained in spinach, go against calcic absorption. Read related: To children filling calcium wants to avoid 5 big errors

Zincic preparation: Between two eat, calcic zinc differs fill

Filling zinc also is to be between two eat, and the filling agent such as zinc and iron, calcium cannot eat at the same time, because zinc and calcium are cation, when be being digested to absorb, can generate mutual interference, reduce each other absorptivity.

If need both is additional, take time best be apart 2, 3 hours of above, take calcic dose in the morning for instance, eat zincic replenishers again afternoon.

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