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If discover yam appears,become angry the word of the problem, should appear according to yam the reason that become angry, it is OK to will decide yam again edible. Because of yam He Ping fruit is like this kind of crop to contain Chan Ning part among them, this kind of composition can produce the effect of oxidation with respect to hard to avoid after air of bring into contact with, bring about blackening consequence to appear. So a few people are in after discovering yam blackens, special fear yam cannot edible, should after accordingly yam blackens, manage like where?

Yam becomes angry how to handle

Blacken after yam flay can you eat?

The yam that change because of mildew and becomes angry cannot edible, but the yam that if be,becomes angry because of oxidation is OK of edible. Fresh yam produces oxidation very easily with the oxygen in air, when the metal such as knife following iron is contacted, brown of easy also generation changes an appearance, the yam that is white it seems that blackened. So yam blackens problem of it doesn’t matter, be at ease eat to go.

Because produce enzymatic brown to change,cutting good yam to blacken is bring about darken. The happening that brown changes basically has 3 requirements: Much phenol forces matter, much more phenolic oxidation is enzymatic with oxygen. After yam husks, expose in air, among them much phenol kind material produces adjacent Kun with oxygen happening reaction, go further oxidation is aggregate and the pigment that become brown and melanin.

This kind of circumstance in real life is not scarce, enzymatic brown can happen change after waiting flay a moment like lotus root of apple, aubergine, lotus bring about darken, it is the yam dip after husking in cold water, make the oxygen isolation in its and air won’t become angry. If eat do not have a problem, colour and lustre is not good-looking after making good food nevertheless.

Yam becomes angry how to handle

Yam how is flay not black?

The phenol inside yam kind the oxygen in corporeal contact air was oxidized to generate the Kun that contains color kind material, do not contact directly with air can, for instance bubble is in water. Can use brine. OK also some of white vinegar is put in a bowl of clear water, the yam that has cut was put in acetic water to won’t blacken.

If do not think yam is oxidized, suggest to the bubble in water is put to wear after flay, if in hot water bubble is worn, can prevent to be oxidized not only nigrescent, still can counteract the alkaloid that makes hand scratchy in yam, reduce the allergic reaction when using a hand to catch.

When cooking yam, still should notice a few skill, because of new yam, produce oxidation very easily with the oxygen in air, and after be being contacted with iron and other metal, also can appear become angry phenomenon. Accordingly, cut yam best can pass a few processing, can use Zhu Dao or the line is drawn on skin of preexistence of plastic razor blade, reoccupy hand pares paragraph, the yam that also can have cut with rice wine general first bubble one bubble, blow at with blower next, make cut heal, reoccupy napkin has been wrapped, periphery includes a few paper, put in office of shady and cool corner to reserve.

Yam becomes angry how to handle

Yam flay has tricks of the trade: In wearing glove water, cut

Yam is delicious nourishing, but have a drawback, the hand comes up against mucus easy allergy. Because the plant is contained in yam excretive mucus,this is alkaline with black chitin, have very strong excitant, skin of bring into contact with is met very itchy, bathe also of no help. Go when yam skin, if come up against a hand to go up, meet very afflictive good. How is flay the most convenient?

The expert suggests to be able to wear plastic or one-time glove, yam skin is cut in water. Won’t let not only so mucous stick on the hand, also can prevent yam skid in the hand.

Be like inadvertent and mucous stick how to go up to do in one’s hand? Can add a few vinegar to wash with clear water first. Yam skin brings about skin allergy easily, the hand that just cut yam does not want to be touched in disorder, wash a hand a few times more immediately, or can catch where where to itch. Edible oil besmear alleviates at can having on the hand. Need to immerse instantly after yam section in brine, oxidize in order to prevent nigrescent.

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