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Orange and pear are the common fruit in the life, the person that likes to drink delicacy to extract fruit juice can try different fruity to match, orange and pear can extract juice to drink together, and this kind of fruit juice is opposite tipple human body has a lot of profit, both won’t have reaction, respective effect still can produce effect. Pear extracts juice to be able to be oxidized to blacken alone, added orange to extract juice to still can make fruit juice fresher together.

Can orange pear extract juice together

Can orange pear extract juice together

Orange and pear can extract juice together, inferior acidity fruit can be fed together with fruit of acidity, sweet taste, acidity fruit cannot eat together with sweet taste fruit, because acidity fruit can disturb sweet taste fruity to be digested smoothly, the platoon of defer stomach is empty, bring about fructose of sweet taste fruity to composition is contacted for long with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and act well, cause excessive ferment, cause abdominal distension and unwell. Simple cent is the fruit acidity, inferior acidity, sweet taste is as follows: Acidity fruit: Grapefruit, orange, pineapple, bizarre fruit, citric, green apple, strawberry inferior acidity fruit: Fruit of sweet taste of tomato, red apple, litchi, grape, peach, pear, pomelo: Shi Jia, watermelon, muskmelon, pomegranate is connected, banana, sugar cane, Chinese flowering quince.

Can orange pear extract juice together

Orange extracts juice recipe

1, orange pear mixture juice

Raw material: An orange and a pear.

Practice: The fruit parts flay, cut small, put inside juicer to undertake extracting juice together next.

Effect: Breakfast when come to a cup, perhaps regard as at ordinary times beverage is drunk is right choice. In this dry winter, orange pear juice can help fire of your Qing Dynasty go already dry, still can help your complement place need vitamin C.

2, mango orange cider

Raw material: Half two mango, orange and an apple.

Practice: Flay parts after the fruit is washed clean, cut small to put juicer next inside, next you can join honey and so on according to your demand flavor. What eat and so on of bit of orange, apple more in the winter is quite good, but eat bit of fruit in the winter colder, can consider to extract juice to drink.

Can orange pear extract juice together

The nutrient value of orange pear juice

Juice of drinkable orange pear can bring not little profit for human body, have enhance bowel of appetite, embellish aperient, life-giving, fall lung of hematic fat, embellish relieves a cough, detumescence of solution heat, diuresis, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop gas of the thirsty, beneficial in filling, clear heat is alexipharmic, promote digest, enhance wine of memory, solution, clear heart to fall heart and vessels of fire, protection.

Proper edible still can treat pass water not fat of inadequacy of blood of dry of dry tongue of free, arteriosclerosis, oedema, indigestion, constipation, bronchitic, mouth, cough, hot and dry, gas, tall blood, osteoporosis, vomit is gone against, drunk wine, pneumonic, inappetence, memory drops, drink excessive.

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