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The has a lot of magical effect when mulberry Xie Zaiping, above all the mulberry leaf water that boil can treat wind heat up a cold, to alleviating the dizziness of a lot of people has a headache, guttural gall has very great help, still can take out lung is hot, cure coughs, alleviate giddy, clear liver bright eye, be helpful for dispel oedema at the same time, dispel n/med beriberi, the effect of the mulberry leaf water that boil is very much, but there also are a lot of contraindications to need to understand when drinking mulberry leaf water.

 Sang Xie boils water to have what effect

The effect of water of mulberry leaf bubble

Remedial wind heats up a cold: Sang Xie puts in classics of lung, liver ‘s charge, have the effect with hot wind of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, with the cure that heats up at wind of diseases caused by external factors. Tea of drinkable mulberry leaf, can alleviate effectively calorific have a headache, a symptom such as guttural gall.

Go lung is hot: If have cough phlegmy little, nose pharynx is dry heat waiting for lung is hot and dry perhaps the symptom that hurts lung, tea of drinkable mulberry leaf can go effectively lung is hot.

Cure is giddy: Mulberry leaf tea can alleviate the symptom with dim-sighted bare of liver in relief dizziness, eye, mulberry Xie Chayou stablizes liver this world, clear liver bright eye, can treat what the Kang Yin on liver this world rises to have a headache, the Chinese traditional medicine that can cooperate the clear heat such as chrysanthemum is used frothily.

Benefit water goes n/med beriberi: The person that has athlete’s foot can be passed foot of bubble of mulberry leaf boiled water, n/med beriberi of can effective purify. Mulberry leaf tea can benefit water detumescence, because Sang Xie is advantageous,be of water action, make redundant water divides the cell inside body to be discharged.

 Sang Xie boils water to have what effect

Dispel spot: Mulberry leaf boiled water still can be used at dispel spot, if the female of spot of facial ministry coloured washs a face 3 times with mulberry leaf boiled water everyday, can make spot piece melanin becomes shallow, have certain effect to dispel spot.

Fall 3 tall: The part such as a variety of alkaloid, amino acid, polysaccharide is contained in Sang Xie, have fall apparently blood sugar, fall blood pressure, fall the action such as hematic fat, suit to have ” very much personage of 3 tall ” is drinkable, have very good health care effect.

Of water of mulberry leaf bubble get used to a crowd

Taste appropriate candy to be able to bear or endure originally the volume is unusual confluence, light diabetic crowd, 2 model diabetic reach diabetic Gao Wei crowd, 1 model blood-vessel of head of pathological changes of diabetic auxiliary cure, diabetic amalgamative disease of tall blood fat, diabetic nerve and complication, heart, provide the function of health care of preserve one’s health of normal crowd more.

The contraindication of water of mulberry leaf bubble

Although mulberry leaf tea is having a lot of profit to the body, can treat suffer from excessive internal heat, stomach-ache and insomnia to wait a circumstance a moment, but do not suit to eat more. Detailed account is had in detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine, if of excessive of mulberry leaf tea take, the blood of essence of life in can bringing about the body so is injured, at the same time taste also can become cold, long-term and such meeting makes constitutional worse and worse, it is to contract a disease even, complexion worse and worse, spirit also can become dispirited rise. Say so, drink water of mulberry leaf bubble daily must notice right amount, do not want exceeding to take.

 Sang Xie boils water to have what effect

The disadvantage that water of mulberry leaf bubble drinks excessive besides above besides easy injury taste of the introduction, bring about complexion worse and worse easily also, it is inappetence, disgusting keck even; Cause disease of body occurrence thirsty likely also; If be of hollow excessive,took mulberry leaf tea, boiled water can pass our kidney classics place directly, exceedingly adverse to the kidney.

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