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Article introduction

Although hotpot is having very pretty good effect to human body, the lecithin that contains in hotpot for example makes the corporeal composition such as protein taller, and the adipose content of hotpot is less, so personage reducing weight also can eat a few hotpot appropriately, but in the hotpot that make when, many people can face a problem, how to go to hotpot raw meat or fish? Because have the fishy smell purify hotpot only, ability can let more people like to eat hotpot, a few hotpot are recommended to go for everybody below the small method of raw meat or fish.

How to go to hotpot raw meat or fish

1, tea goes ovine fishy smell

But tea purify fishy smell is quite fierce, install tea in gauze bag to be boiled together with hotpot, the fishy smell; that can reduce hotpot still has when frying hotpot, fry portion of the water in hotpot dry, asperse into strong tea, serial number second, hotpot smell of mutton can purify.

2, rice vinegar goes ovine fishy smell

The metropolis in the home has vinegar, do not see vinegar we are to be used at ordinary times when condiment, it also can the fishy smell of purify hotpot. Specific means we cut hotpot agglomerate in putting water, add the vinegar that nod rice, next hotpot of the fish out after boil, hotpot fishy smell is done not have, want how to be cooked how to cook.

How to go to hotpot raw meat or fish

3, caraway goes ovine fishy smell

If ourselves feels when the home does hotpot fishy smell is very big, might as well some of caraway is added to be able to reduce ovine fishy smell inside what do hotpot, because a lot of naphtha are contained in caraway, its special aroma is naphtha sends out those who come out. It can purify flesh kind flavour of smelling of fish or mutton.

4, tangerine skin goes ovine fishy smell

Now is the season that has orange, remembered throwing orange skin, memory a few, stewing hotpot put skin of a few tangerine, scoop up tangerine skin after boil desertion, repeat boil a few times, the fishy smell of hotpot can go besides.

How to go to hotpot raw meat or fish

5, cold water goes ovine fishy smell

It is OK also to use hotpot of cold leach bubble purify sheep fishy smell, the time that spends namely is longer, if want to eat hotpot, need uses hotpot cold water to immerse ahead of schedule 2 ~ 3 days, change water twice everyday, the ammonia in albumen of hotpot flesh oar kind corporeal bubble comes out, when boiling hotpot, with respect to meeting discovery hotpot smell of mutton was reduced a lot of.

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