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Biscuit is one kind circulates from the west the food of our country, this kind of food is in not only the west is deeply welcome, also get everybody’s reception quite to us, be in especially in the morning when take bread already sweet can satisfy one’s hunger, to a few people that reducing weight, they reject to eat any tall adipose thing, and a lot of candy can be contained to divide inside biscuit, so how much is the quantity of heat of biscuit?

Biscuit quantity of heat is expressed

European become biscuit staple food, the preference is full of those who bite interest ” pilot bread ” , asian favore the biscuit with loose mouthfeel. Come from quantity of heat say, lowest of crackling biscuit quantity of heat, because this kind of biscuit is not sweet, contain candy, salt and oil very few, biscuit of French staple food and Russian type ” Dalieba ” belong to this kind.

And ” toast ” , ” butyric biscuit ” belong to soft plain bread with biscuit of mug-up of major design and color, contain sugar about 15% , grease is made an appointment with 10% , contain quantity of heat taller.

Biscuit quantity of heat is expressed

Contain quantity of heat highest is Danish biscuit, it says to have crisp bread removing a layer again, as the turnip crisp same, cortical be short form. Should join commonly 20% , the butter of 30% or ” remove ghee ” , ability forms special layer shape structure, be like ox horn biscuit, currant bag, chocolate crisp sack commonly to wait. Because contain saturation adipose with quantity of heat really too much, had better not exceed every week.

Whole wheat bread is biscuit medium ” healthy star ” . However, some biscuit look color sends brown, not be very soft, what naked eye can see wheat bran even is small-scale, remain white bread substantially actually. “Some businessmen can use panification of whitening of essence of life, just outside dress up just.

Biscuit quantity of heat is expressed

Join a few caramel pigment to be caught for instance Brown, add only 10% , the whole wheat flour of 20% , perhaps add oatmeal on crust. At this moment, the attention sees burden express can the small intrigue of get behind businessman, if the platoon is in,the first is biscuit pink, three the 2nd ability are wholemeal, that affirmation is not true whole wheat bread. “

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