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Article introduction

Present social progress rhythm is very fast, the people that go all out is hit on on-the-job field, psychological pressure can be compared big, at that time classics regular meeting appears in the evening restless circumstance, to solve this problem, a lot of people can choose to have a few remedy that sleep peacefully, actually, everybody can eat the food that a few have composed effect, here recommends celery for everybody, eating celery have stable effect really, so is celery the vegetable of cool sex?

Is celery of cool sex?

Is celery of cool sex?

Celery of nutrient expert introduction is the food of cool sex, celery flavour laborious, pleasant, the gender is cool, heat having Qing Dynasty makes the same score liver, the effect of step-down of be good at stomach. Will tell from nutrient composition, rich prandial fiber, carotene and B are contained in celery a group of things with common features vitamin, the mineral content such as calcic, phosphor is higher also at the same time.

Is celery cold sex food?

Celery also is the vegetable of cold sex, it is OK clear heat is alexipharmic, and celery contains a large number of crude fibre, can stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, to aperient platoon poison also has profit very much.

Discern food of cold sex food and hot sex

Color slants green, the gender slants cold, color slants red, the gender slants

Greenery nears the area, absorb ground moisture, so the gender slants cold, if gram, green is vegetable,wait. Color slants red plant, wait like chili, jujube, pomegranate, although be close to with the ground,grow, but fructification can absorb more sunlight, so the gender slants hot.

Is celery of cool sex?

The food of acid of flavour suffering, flavour slants cold, the food sex of sweet, flavour laborious heats up flavour

The food sex of acid of flavour suffering, flavour is cold, wait like balsam pear, bitter dish, taro, plum, Chinese flowering quince. Flavour laborious, smell is sweet person, the time that because accept in relief illumination,shoots is longer, the gender is so hot, wait like garlic, persimmon.

Hydrophyte slants cold, onshore plant slants heat

Lotus root, kelp, laver for cold sex. And grow the food in land, wait like earthnut, potato, yam, ginger, because be buried for a long time in soil, moisture is less, the gender is so hot.

Shady food slants cold, plant of exposed to the sun slants heat

The moisture that the food of shady day north absorbs is heavy, see sunshine rarely, so the gender slants cold, for instance dawdle, agaric. And the food that grow in sky or has sex of exposed to the sun, for instance helianthus, chestnut, because accept illumination enough, reason sex slants hot.

Is celery of cool sex?

Sex of food of winter, summer is cold, spring, autumn food sex is heated up

In the food that grows in in the winter, because algidity is heavy, so the gender slants cold, wait like Chinese cabbage, Xianggu mushroom, Bai Luobo, wax gourd. In the food that the summer grows, as a result of reception rain more, also the gender is cold, wait like watermelon, cucumber, pear. Apple, orange spring, autumn food slants more hot sex.

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