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Article introduction

Acerbity hot bamboo shoot tastes flavour is special acid fragile tastily, do not have appetitive moment in the person especially, take hot bamboo shoot of acid of on one pannikin, not only go with rice, and exceedingly appetizing still, acerbity hot bamboo shoot is at ordinary times very get authority gay a dish, nutrient value is very rich, actually acerbity hot bamboo shoot is made also is very simple, the practice of acerbity hot bamboo shoot introduces for old furniture body below, consult for everybody.

 The practice of bubble acid hot bamboo shoot

The practice of bubble acid hot bamboo shoot

Raw material

Bamboo shoot (also caterwaul bamboo shoot) 4-5

Green bubble any of several hot spice plants 10 or so

Acid turnip half 2

Garlic 3-4 valve

Practice measure

Go to the bamboo shoot that buys leaf, wash clean wait for cut.

Had cut bamboo shoot reserve, equipment is good at the same time burden, garlic cuts foam, bubble any of several hot spice plants is mincing, acerbity turnip section.

Oil is lukewarm burn put small fire to 70 ℃ .

Put garlic fry in boiler sweet put acidity to fry 1 minute at the same time, put bamboo shoot next, put medium baking temperature to break up fry 5 minutes, put salt and gallinaceous essence of life, break up fry dish.

 The practice of bubble acid hot bamboo shoot

Eat bamboo shoot to have what disadvantage

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bamboo shoot has blood of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, beneficial, expectorant, disappear to feed, benefit, the effect such as bright eye, suit edible of the person that lobar heat, cough, stomach is heated up very much, improve the body unwell symptom. Modern medicine confirms, bamboo shoot has the characteristic such as high protein, low adipose, low starch, many crude fibre element, right amount eat can promote adipose decompose, quicken alvine peristalsis, be helpful for digesting, improve constipation.

But, bamboo shoot cannot eat more, healthy to human body meeting has harm. Oxalate is contained in bamboo shoot, after encountering with calcium in alvine path, the oxalic acid that meeting generation dissolves hard is calcic, can affect the human body absorption to calcium not only, still can accentuate a few bodies are unwell person illness. And, bamboo shoot is cold sex, the female of period, and gastric ministry disease person unfavorable eat more.

Normally, 5-10 should be boiled in boiling water before taking bamboo shoot minute, after decomposing major oxalate and acerbity flavour, again with other edibles a cooking, can reduce the oxalate effect to human body so.

What person does not suit to take bamboo shoot

1. calculous patient: The person that be like urethral stone, kidney stone, gall-stone, oxalate pledges with its food calcium union becomes calcium of difficult deliquescent oxalic acid easily, can make stone more serious;

2. teenager A-certificate eats more: Minor skeleton growing need is many calcium is qualitative, and the absorption that eats much bamboo shoot to be able to affect pair of calcium;

3. allergic constitution: The person of a few easy allergy, ; of bamboo shoot of edible of best and unfavorable excessive

 The practice of bubble acid hot bamboo shoot

Disease of 4. stomach ministry suffers from: Contain crude fibre element more, excessive edible can increase gastric bowel burden, the disease such as varicosity of cirrhosis of stomach and duodenum ulcer, gastrorrhagia, liver, esophagus, chronic enteritis wants careful eat;

5. taste is frail: Bamboo shoot sex is cold, taste empty weak, the woman is postpartum, period female is unfavorable feed; more

Weak of 6. aged body: Function of old people intestines and stomach is a few weaker, unfavorable feed bamboo shoot more.

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