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Article introduction

The ox is tendinous child the flesh this kind of thing we want to make it in the life, we can choose a way according to our taste, and the ox is tendinous child the flesh should be stewed a bit longer ability is convenient edible, the bovine muscle that exists otherwise is bitten very hard those who move. The ox is tendinous child the flesh is OK beef of make it sauce, we choose bovine tendon child the flesh, iron ripe ox tendon next child the flesh, joining unripe smoke, often smoke and the condiment such as anise, next slow fire is boiled it is OK to restrict 40 minutes of abilities flameout.

The ox is tendinous child how does the flesh eat

Bovine tendon child of the flesh have a way (practice) encyclopedia

Sauce beef practice

Material: ? k Man especially? jin, often smoke 5 spoon, unripe take 10 spoon, cooking wine 2 spoon, anise 2, cassia bark 1 paragraph small, sweet leaf two, Chinese prickly ash 20 bead, dry chili 2, lilac 5 bead, Jiang Pian 4, green.

Practice: ? In the boiler that arenaceous camel of humorous of  cook and stir spells Shan to look goblet? enters replete cold water, open conflagration, heat water. (Attention, the beef that boil when must not build boiler to build) . When the hematic water of beef is boiled basically after coming out, come to beef fish out, air is cool. Remove a stockpot additionally, put 3 bowls of water, burn, put cardamom seed of dry chili, Jiang Pian, anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, Chinese prickly ash, clove, flesh, bandits boil 5 minutes. Beef, old smoke, unripe smoke, cooking wine is put into boiler together, small fire turns to stew after big baked wheaten cake leaves boil 40 minutes. Come to beef fish out after air is cool, continue replace boils 15 minutes in makings boiler, involve fire next, let beef continue to bloat in boiler two hours can.

Tomato potato young stews bovine tendon the practice of soup

Material: ? ? of k cook over a slow fire, the potato is 150 fair grams, arrogant tomato 2, old ginger 700 ㏄ of 30 fair grams, water, salt 1 small spoon.

Practice: ? k at Lei] the fish out after? puts quick-boil rolling water to iron 1 minute reserves. Potato flay is abluent, cut hob piece, put quick-boil rolling water to iron fish out, with cold water strong cool drop works reserve. Bovine tomato is abluent, cut section of flay of Laojiang of hob piece; to reserve. course of action 1 ~ of 3 all feeding material, water and flavoring, put the bowl inside electronic boiler, press cook key, boil to switch start, lift boil to build fish out Jiang Pian can.

The ox is tendinous child how does the flesh eat

What person cannot eat bovine tendon child tendon of the flesh, ox child fleshy note

1, what person cannot eat bovine tendon child the flesh

The ox is tendinous child the flesh is hair content,

2, the ox is tendinous child applicable crowd of the flesh

Average crowd all but edible ox is tendinous child the flesh, appropriate at growing the person edible of development.

3, the ox is tendinous child fleshy edible is no-no

After beef suffers wind to blow changeful black, deteriorate then, because this wants,notice to keep. A week eats beef can, what cannot feed is too much. The fibre of beef is thicker, connective tissue more, should transversely, will long fiber is cut off, cannot cut down fibre, do not have law tasty not only otherwise, still chew not sodden. Beef is unfavorable feed together with Chinese chestnut, river snail, brown sugar, leek, liquor, pork.

The ox is tendinous child how does the flesh eat

Of beef delicate make a lot of people infatuate. Respecting ox is tendinous child the flesh, probably still is somebody not quite clear Where is the flesh that arrogant which one part is after all? The ox is actually tendinous child the flesh is the flesh on bovine ham, because adipose content is low, contain a lot ofprotein to be absorbed extremely easily by human body place, plus fresh and tender and goluptious, it is to get more of everybody like. Especially to reducing weight for medium person, eat bovine tendon healthily child the flesh won’t increase redundant quantity of heat. The ox is tendinous child the flesh is special agree with sauce, stew, stew, the sauce beef with for instance famed far and near, use bovine tendon namely child the flesh does. New cattle is tendinous child fleshy color is bright red luster, the flesh is qualitative solid and delicate and bouncy, we can choose bovine tendon according to these characteristics child the flesh. Should remind of a bit is, the ox is tendinous child the flesh must be gotten put in freezer cold storage to save, and time shoulds not be too long, 3 days two can. The ox is tendinous child the flesh is put too long, easy degenerative influence is healthy. The ox of article introduction is tendinous child fleshy way is simple delicious, suit a family to make very much, might as well will have a try.

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